This is a brief list of some of the current features of the stable/outdated version of DCON:

Server side (Space plugin on Wildfire):

  • connection to the Asterisk Manager Interface;
  • managing of local conference events;
  • managing of remote foci presence information;
  • spreading of conference events to the active foci by means of the s2s channel.

Client side (spaceClient plugin on Spark):

  • request for conference information by means of a dedicated panel;
  • schedulation of a  new conferences through the Scheduling Text Protocol;
  • join to a previously activetd or just registered conference.

Our WIP on the new DCON version is instead strongly concentrating upon developing the following improvements on the stable/outdated version:

  • implementation of a new, more flexible, focus discovery and presence manager component;
  • support for the new functionality and messages of the Scheduling Protocol;
  • invitation of a remote user to a conference;
  • implementation of a Dispatcher which has in charge the dialog with the (new created in CONFIANCE) Gateway componet;
  • forwarding of Conference Control and BFCP messages to the rigth remote destination by means of an XMPP incapsulation
    and of a label switching mechanism;

Our work is going on fast, so come back soon for the upcoming, hopefully stable, release.