Internet Drafts

Three Internet-Drafts recently  submitted to IETF XCON WG are available in the Drafts section. The draft named "Requirements for Distributed Conferencing" examines the requirements for an architecture capable to provide a distributed conferencing service. It draws inspiration from a number of existing research efforts inside the IETF, mainly in the context of both the SIPPING and the XCON WGs. The draft named "A Framework for Distributed Conferencing" presents an architecture capable to move the XCON scenario towards a distributed framework. In such an architecture a number of entities are used to manage conference setup in the presence of clients which are distributed across a geographical network. Each managing entity plays the role of a conference focus as defined in the XCON working group documents.
The draft named "Requirements for the XCON-DCON Synchronization Protocol" defines the requirements needed fro the interaction between the centralized conference focus and the distributed conference focus.

Submitted by tcastaldi on Wed, 07/11/2007 - 16:24.